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(This article discussed briefly the video war between Betamax and VHS.  It also compares and contrast brainstorming techniques such as paper brainstorming vs. electronic brainstorming.)

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(This article discusses the history and the nostalgia of the VHS.  It also discusses the DVD which eventually made the VHS obsolete.)

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(This is a paper, at the 82nd Convention of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (S.M.P.T.E.) on October 5, 1957, 18 months after Ampex demonstrated the world’s first practical television video tape recorder.)

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(This article also discusses the invention of the VHS and how the VHS gave people the ability to watch newly released movies from the comfort of their living rooms.)

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(This article looks at the positive and negative impacts of the video cassette had during its existence.)

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(This short article deals briefly with the VTR and its inventor Charles Ginsburg.)

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(This article focuses on Charles Ginsburg.  Ginsburg invented the VTR, an important antecedent that lead to the eventually creation of the VHS.)

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(This sources examines the history of the VCR and VHS by looking at the men who created it and its transition into the United States from Japan.)

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(This source presents a guide to the modernizing of one’s home-theater system through video equipment and components of a home theater system.)

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(This article looks at the impact the VHS had on at home education, allowing for adults and adolescents to learn using VHS technology in the comfort of their own homes.)

Greenburg, Joshua M. From Betamax to Blockbuster. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press, 2008.

(This book looks primarily at the life of Sony’s Betamax format tapes.  Despite the fact that it focuses on Betamax while the blog is focuses on VHS, it gives good insight and explanations to why VHS defeated Betamax in the Formatting Wars.)

Discvoery Channel. “Tony Curtis On Arrival of Vcr.” (accessed March 30, 2011).

(This website contains a recording of an interview with actor Tony Curtis in 1971.  In this interview Tony Curtis briefly discusses the introduction of the VHS and cassette tapes and the impact they will have on the movie industry.)

Unknown, “It’s Unreel: Dvd Rentals Overtake Videocassettes,” Washington Times, 20 June 2003. (accessed March 30, 2011).

(This article from the Washington Post discusses the fading out of VHS and cassette tapes due to the new innovations of the DVD.  The dates it provides show how long VHS format was around in the U.S., and from it one can see how much the DVD format has changed in its short existence.)

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